Tourism Boat

Types of tourist boats

This small type of boat, 10 to 15 seats, can travel at a speed of up to 40km/h. It can be hired at Ben Ðoan in Hon Gai, or in the Hoang Gia tourist area, at prices ranging from VNĐ300,000 to VNĐ500,000 per hour of boat running time (time at anchor or moored at islands is excluded).

Buying tickets for trips on the Bay

Every tourist needs at least one ticket to travel on the Bay.
- A ticket for Tour 1 is valid for Thien Cung and other caves (except Sung Sot Cave).
- A ticket for Tour 2 is valid for Sung Sot and other caves (except Thien Cung Grotto).

How to hire a boat

There are over 300 boats permanently based at Baichay Tourist Wharf. Boats are classified by size as follows: